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Lecture courses in history exist since the foundation of Sofia University in 1888 as a High Pedagogical Course at the First High School for Boys. In 1894, with decree of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Bulgaria, is founded an independent Faculty of History and Philology. It existed till 1951, when three of the Degrees in the Humanities - Philosophy, History and Pedagogy, were united in the Faculty of Philosophy and History. In 1972 the Degree in History forms an autonomous Faculty of History, which exists to the present day.


Up to the 1950s Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" is the main and practically the only center for studying, teaching and dissemination of historical knowledge in Bulgaria. Lecturers and scholars, who associated directly their careers and scholarly research with the University are the professors in history Vassil Zlatarsky, Peter Nikov, Dimiter Agura, Peter Mutafchiev, Gavril Katzarov, Bogdan Filov, Ivan Duichev, Hristo Gandev, Dimiter Kossev, Hristo Danov, Dimiter Angelov, Bistra Tzvetkova, as well as the foreign scholars Pyotar Bitzili, Michail Dragomanov, Vatzlav Dobrusky, Venedikt Myakotin, Pavel Milyukov.


Faculty of History


The present-day structure of the Faculty of History includes seven departments: History of Bulgaria; History of Byzantium and the Balkans; Ancient History, Thracian Studies and Mediaeval History; Early Modern and Modern History; Archeology; Ethnology; Archives and applied historical studies. There are about 1700 students at the Faculty in the Bachelor's and Master's programs, regular and extramural studies. The Faculty of History has over 70 doctoral students and lots of foreign students. Teacher qualification is optional.


There are five Bachelor's Degrees in the Faculty of History: History (regular and extramural studies); Archeology, Ethnology, History and Geography, Archives and Document Studies - regular studies only.


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